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Get a great haircut at NEU Salonz

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Duration: 30 minutes

Your hair defines who you are as a person. It gives you a sense of individuality. Believe us, a bad hair day is not what you need to deal with ever. Our hair care professionals are undoubtedly the best at what they do. We truly have the best unisex hair salons in Gurgaon and Delhi.

A head full of healthy, shiny hair is also an indication of good health. To keep your tresses shiny and healthy we offer a wide range of hair spa treatments, personalised to meet your needs.


You need never worry about common hair problems like hair fall, hair damage, greasy or unmanageable hair. We have all hair care solutions under one roof.

This makes us a multi-specialty hair care franchise that gets you these services more proficiently than any foreseeable competition.

1. Hair cut (men/women)

We understand that the only way that you will ever be satisfied with a salon is, if they have the know how that you need and expect from your salon. We have exactly that, add to this the fact that we use only quality products, and you have the recipe for the best salon there can be.

2. Hair cut (children)

We have our staff trained for the best hair care and styling solutions for children, this way, we stay at the top of our game and you get amazing results. Now that, is called attention to detail.

3. Hair color (men/women)

We are award winners and achievers when it comes to hair color this is what sets us apart from all competition, we know what we are doing and it is just impossible to find a better salon where hair color is concerned.

4. Hair treatments (men/women)

Your hair is the reflection of how healthy you are. This is why we offer a wide array of professional hair care and hair management solutions for you so that you can be comfortable knowing that you are indeed, in the safest hands possible.

Why choose us?

Simply because we are the best in the industry and have the most experience in the field of hair care and beauty solutions, also because we genuinely care about your personal image and are willing to provide epic solutions to you, for you.

When you look for haircuts you know that there is just no compromising with quality there.

Which is why we have the best hair stylists at your disposal, and these are not your ordinary run of the mill hair stylists that claim to be more than they actually are, the artists that we employ are the best of the best and the crème de la crème in the industry and have been that way for many years.

We know this because that is why we hired them.

It has become a norm in the industry to project your capabilities in a way that it seems attractive to your clients, even when you know that can’t deliver the level of expertise that the client is seeking. But that is not the case with us.

Today we will tell you why exactly our haircuts done across our branches in Gurgaon and Delhi are better than most salons that you can get a haircut at.

1. We have the experience that you want

With over 15 years of experience to show in the industry, we feel it is safe to claim that we have the right exposure for you. We understand that quality comes with repetition and we are more than well equipped with the right experience to get you satisfied and make you comfortable with your own look.

2. We are constantly on top of our game

We make it a point to refer international magazines for inspiration and to make sure that we never pitch to you a haircut that just went out of style ten minutes ago. We not only see trends, we create them.

3. We have the right resources

The world class infrastructure that we have is not just for show, we know that quality cannot come from mediocrity or make do arrangements. Which is why we have the right infrastructure that gets you the right results and we employ the best practices and techniques to ensure that these results last.

4. We know your needs (Even before you convey them to us)

We have an innate understanding of your needs, which is why, we understand all that you want from your haircut experience before you even tell it to us. How is that? We know what suits who and this judgement can only be formed with experience, which we have plenty of.

5. We understand Physiognomy

Physiognomy is the science of judging people’s character and personality from his/ her outer appearance, especially the face. We understand your need to be able to project a particular personality convincingly and we will help you get that look using our understanding on the subject and reverse engineering it to your advantage.

Walk into NEU Salonz today to get the best experience and exposure anywhere. We have an amazing team that has served celebrities and people of major importance ready to serve you when you walk in.

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